Data-Driven Design Is Killing Disruption and Creativity
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Usually, the best things are simple. Don’t overthink ways in data driven design to facilitate your users’ dilemmas and create meaningful solutions. It can lead to emotional distress. Moreover, it is also highly counterproductive and time-consuming in the product development process.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Don't overthink your design strategy

Firstly, it is in human nature to change ordinary things, question decisions and consequently create problems in solutions. Oftentimes, in fact there is no problem in the first place. What’s more, stuffing too much potentially relevant information to solve your users’ issues with your digital product will derail them on the short, and burden the performance of your company on the long run.

Instead, be fine with your initial MVP as soon as possible. Stick with it but test and iterate on the go. Make sure the interface of your digital product is attractive, clearly structured but modifiable.

Too much data hinders creativity

As you already know, web analytics in data driven design indeed tells a lot about the performance of your product. It definitely affects creativity potential as well, usually in a bad manner. If you are about to take every bit of analytics into account when creating the perfect digital product, sooner or later you are going to run into information overflow which will give no special value to its users.  

Thoughtful design thinking approach saves you from the burden of redundant analytical details. Moreover, it helps you build a product your users will appreciate. However, analytics is closely intertwined with the design. If you blend data and intuition throughout the creative development process, you are operating with greater certainty of success at its end. You also generate new ideas which you probably wouldn’t have thought of beforehand.

Data driven design and business trends

You should always pay attention to forecasting future business trends on the base of data as it will determine behavior of users. But, do not rely solely on numbers since they appreciate creative solutions. Those attract their attention and your solution is ultimately rewarded with converting them into customers.

From data to creativity
Data and creativity working hand in hand

Pay close attention to your instinct when designing

When building a perfect product for your business, you are faced with an eternal trade-off between the gut feeling on one hand and what actually works on the other. Moreover, the truth is, while data provides you with an idea where to steer your business in the future, even the latest data fairly quickly becomes obsolete as change in customers’ behavior on the website is inevitable due to the fast-paced changes in modern web economy.

In the end, an ultimate bargain you are most possibly striving for is to achieve that holy grail of avoiding the sameness of your digital solution on one hand, while providing enough value to the user on the other. Designing such a solution requires a skilled team.

Put your trust into team effort

Teamwork in design thinking helps improve and visualize creative processes. It’s about transforming ideas into something real, to come up with meaningful ideas that solve real problems of real people. Empathizing, defining the problem, ideating possible solutions, prototyping and testing. Those are essential steps that require a well-connected team and cannot be dealt with by one person only.

From experience, great teamwork results in a great product. As problems you and your business are facing get more and more complex, you definitely need to team up with your colleagues to produce tangible outcomes and ultimately products that will convince your users.

The same goes for your business partners. Jumping to conclusions on subjective individual experience and building a final product solely with that is a downward spiral which, in such competitive times, can backlash with users refusing the product.

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