Shaping thoughts and ideas into standalone digital products.

Our team is here to help you guide through the process of growing your product from idea to a sustainable business endeavor.


Web app for absence and time tracking

City Taxi

Requesting a taxi ride reimagined

Our process

1. Problem Framing

Before we start thinking about validating solutions in a design sprint, problem framing helps us validate there’s a problem worth solving.

2. Design Sprints

The Design Sprint is a framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

3. MVP Development

We develop a functional MVP based on the primary customer journey and prepare you for shipping functional product to your customers.


Your full stack development team

We are on the lookout for new strategic partnerships. See the value we can provide.

We walk the talk

We’re constantly testing our process and methods by launching and scaling our own products.


Online marketplace for dogsitting


Coming soon…

Quality comes from people


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