You were born to be lucky.

While mastering your lifetime project, gearing up to bring it to life and offer it to the masses, you need to be fast, stay flexible and constantly updated to achieve desired results.


And yet, there is always some missing piece of information when collecting the puzzle. You seem to have lost that lucky piece along the way.

To find it, you know you need to:

  • Have courage to go after the unknown unknowns.
  • Go deep into the uncharted waters.
  • Meet the unexpected events and consequences.

There is no easy way out, but you know that:

  • Striving for honesty: with yourself, your team, your clients, your users.
  • Doing everything in your power to help your teammates and clients on your way towards success.
  • Keeping on moving forward and not being constrained by conventional thought.


Will get you there eventually.


It is painstaking, you feel tired but it’s all worth it and in the end, you rise above the average.


Because fortune favors the brave.


Clover Labs are your lucky partner to help you shape thoughts and ideas into standalone digital products.


Let this blog be a useful guide about how to navigate through the vast world of digital products.

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Blendor Sefaj

Stand-up guy in IT. Semi-funny. Improv, tech talks. Creating content at Clover Labs.

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