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Spot new opportunities for your digital product

📊 Metrics, KPIs and more

Learn the basics - with real-world examples

You will learn about digital product metrics and KPIs. We will explain the main differences between them and provide examples for both. We will touch on different types of metrics, their use cases, and how to set them up for your product.

🎯 Straight to the point!

Simple explanation and clear delivery

There is too much clutter in our everyday lives, including our language – we’ll keep the jargon and specialized talk to the minimum. Clearly structured format for every lesson, starting with a basic explanation and ending with ideas on how to apply them in your case. Every lesson is built with a clear understanding as the main goal.

👩‍💻 Learn by doing

Exercises, prompts and reference materials

Receive additional materials alongside the lessons: real-world examples from businesses from every walk of life, different exercises and prompts, additional reading.

What you get?

⏰ 35 min of quality reading

Short e-mails, packed with useful information. Read through the whole course in simply 35 minutes and start upgrading your product analytics right away!

📑 Templates, tips and more

During the course, you’ll receive various templates, tips, and other materials on how to set and improve your digital product metrics – free, with pre-filled examples.

💌 Brief lessons, in beautiful e-mails

Every lesson in this course will come as an email periodically over the next two week. Hopefully you’ll be waiting or your next email. 

Who is this for?

👨‍💻 Digital product creators

You are a digital creator, wishing to elevate your products – but don’t exactly know how to do it. Learn how to observe your product and iterate to the best possible version of it.

👩‍✈️ Aspiring product managers

You already have the practical skills to build new digital products & would now like to take a new step in your career path. Learn the basics of product analytics in a simple and fun way.

👩‍🔬 Analytics enthusiasts

You’re fascinated by numbers and the stories they tell. Use this course content as a refresher or quick intro on digital product metrics.

MCV, ACV or CLTV: we're all about value

Course, built to provide value to learners

Starting in a new field can be mind-boggling for most of us: full of new concepts, acronyms, letters, numbers, and words... all just melting into one big blur at the end of the day.

But it doesn't have to be like that - things can be explained more simply. And we at Clover Labs wish to do exactly that with our course.

Dive straight into the action!

Brief e-mails, with a pinch of theory and whole lot of actionable items

No lengthy academic discussions going on here - we keep it short and simple!

Built with the modern knowledge worker in mind, we've prepared materials that will help you off to a quick and easy start of your product analytics journey in no time!

About the tutor

Blendor Sefaj is the co-founder of digital product studio Clover Labs with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

He has extensive experience in various stages of building a digital product, from concept work to scaling. Coupled with years of experience in other fields such as customer service and marketing, he's here to bring you a quick and fun entry level course into digital product metrics.

His goal is to help future creators learn about digital products in a simple and fun way and to empower them in building their own products.

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